Lake Turkana-The world’s largest permanent desert lake

lake turkana
lake turkana

Lake Turkana, the fourth most significant and most saline lake in Africa, is a lonely wonderland located in the arid desert of the Kenyan Rift Valley. The border of Ethiopia pierces its northern end. Named after a 19th-century Austrian prince named after European visitors, Lake Turkana, also known as Rudolph Lake and the Jade Lake for its color, is a broad but shallow water span of 150 miles in length and 20 miles in length and Miles wide. The lake is an essential resource for people living in the surrounding desert, migratory birds including flamingos, cormorants, and kingfishers, as well as native wildlife such as hippos such as the Nile crocodile and fish such as the Nile Perch, Tiger fish, and Tilapia. Lake Turkana and its islands were named national parks of the 1970s and 80s.

Wakanda Meaning- Lake Turkana

The Meaning of Wakanda in the dictionary is the worship of nature among the indigenous North American peoples. Wakanda has several conflicting features that we don’t have in any one single nation on Earth.

  • Its ultra-secrecy and insular nature are much closer to North Korea.
  • Its near-absolute monarchy with tribe-like factions vying for power would be something like Lesotho.
  • The advanced civilization does not exist. As if it needs to be said— nothing on Earth matches the incredibly advanced technology in Wakanda. The closest matches with modernity and a mix of what looks like either poverty or tradition 

Geographical Location of Wakanda-Lake Turkana

Geographically, Wakanda in the MCU exists in the heart of Africa, cut from would pieces of Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda in the real world.

  • Location, Wakanda has shifted in the Great Lakes area many times. Near Lake, Turkana bordering Uganda and Sudan, north of Tanzania (which would be Uganda)
  • is exactly Plot kilometers East to West, and Narrative Imperative Km from North to South.

This is a small African country that few people hear about but is more peaceful and stable than its neighboring countries, which were built through a multicultural tribal coalition under a wise diplomatic leader and whose economy was built on a foundation of mining world’s hardest mineral.

Unique Tribes of Wakanda

There are eight tribes in Wakanda.

The Panther Tribe:

Panther Tribe

Royal Family King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his little sister Shuri Princess (Letitia Wright) and her mother, the King’s minor mother, Ramonda (Angela Bassett), currently manage Wakanda. The royal family is thus secured by Dakha Milage, Wakanda’s imperial bodyguard, and her first commander Io (Florence Kasumba), led by General Okoye (Danai Gurira).

War Dogs:

War Dogs

The family can be in Dora Milaje, but the country is also safe in the method of the Wakandan Secret police, called Hatut Zeraze (The Dogs of War). In the comics, the War Dogs are restricted to Wakanda, only traveling with the King when needed. They are placed in the MCU version of Director Ryan Coogler’s all over the world and puts an eye on political unrest and other vigorous information, then report back to the Wakanda Empire. They are usually observed, but Nakia (Lupita Nyong’ o) is a war dog and is stationed in what appears to be a Nigeria in a Boko Haram-like rescue. Meet her first. She travels with Te Challah and Okoye to find Klau. A tattoo recognizes all war dogs on the lower lip of the Wakandan Glyphs.

Border Tribe (“the Rhino guys”):

Wakanda is a border tribe that protects Wakanda’s borders. From the air, they look like simple cattle ranches in the small hills of Wakanda, with their brightly colored Lesotho blankets to keep them warm. However, the coverage covers all of their weapons and doubles as a shielded, vibrant cloth shield. They also raise fight rhinos.



The priests, who are always dressed in royal purple, are led by Suri (Forest Whitaker), who is the sole custodian of the temple and all the royal customs of the kingdom. They are able magicians and the only port in the heart-shaped herb that gives the botanical guts and the Black Panther his power.

Mining Tribe:

The Mining Tribe is solely liable for the Mining of Vibranium in Wakanda. Being that the ore is Wakanda’s most valuable resource; the Mining Tribe is pretty powerful.

River Tribe:

River Tribe

The tribal river dominates the waterways. During the Warrior Falls show, Nakia dances and praises her father for being a water goddess. Because the Panther’s ritual fight takes place on the water, blessing the water before entering it is in keeping with many African traditions.

Merchant Tribe:

The trading tribe resides in Commerce and Wakanda and is basically above the economic stability of the country. The elder of the merchant tribe also has a seat in the court of King Tachalla.

The Jabari tribe:

Jabari parted them and continue practicing the “old” Wakandan ways lacking technology. They live in the Wakanda Mountains and worship the White Ape Goddess. M’baku is their leader and is considered as authoritative as T’Challa, even without the heart-shaped herbs of the comic strips.

Is Wakanda a real place? – Mysterious truth about Wakanda

Wakanda is a real place and incredibly advanced. That level of technology is something that hasn’t achieved by any country, but we can say among all of them today, Japan certainly comes out close to the top. Wakanda, in spite of being advanced, is still very traditional and holds its conventional values as very important. Such a mix of modernity and tradition is best found in Japan. Japan has old temples, temple-towns together with skyscrapers and futuristic trains. If not for WWII, Japan would’ve also had a proper monarchy, making it even closer to Wakanda. Wakanda has centuries of uninterrupted tradition, a monarchy which is something that applies to Japan too, substituted the Panther-God for Amaterasu.

Actually; a country that is the most developed and yet the least developed in the eyes of the world. For an average person, Wakanda is like a third world country where poor, weak resides. But for someone, who has been there once, knows the true worth of it and would come back.

Lake Turkana Festival in Loyangalani

Lake Turkana Festival

Visit Loyangalani in May or June, and you will find that Lake Turkana is held annually. The festival falls on the full moon day of May every year. These celebrations have taken place for over seven years. Shockingly, people do not have much correct holiday dates until October or September 2017, and we can get out of the way before these safari celebration dates. These routes can travel from late April to mid-June. In this remote and neglected area; People have to be also mindful of the difficulties faced by these minority tribes. Dry periods, inherent challenges, weak frameworks, and wrestling with one another are a few of the problems.

The colorful event presents traditional dances, singing, food, and many other authentic Kenyan attributes. This is a unique event to acknowledge the richness and history of the people of Kenya in just three days. If you are looking for the exact location, go to Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, in Northern Kenya though we wonder at their fantastic dress as well as trimmings and concentrate their curios and lifestyle in the sensational scene that makes up the north of Kenya.