Everything about the Lake Turkana Festival in Kenya


What do you know about Kenya? Have you ever planned a trip there? Most of the tourists think that there is nothing to see in such a hot and rural country. But we are afraid they all are wrong. Anyone can agree that the country is too hot and full of dust. It always seems orange in color, because of the sand and the sun. People who used to stay in cold countries do not understand how to deal with a country like Kenya. But it is also true that this one has beautiful places to visit. There is a lake named Turkana. The Lake Turkana Festival is very popular not only among the locals but also among foreign tourists. It is in the South-East, and Turkana means “a place of many trees.”

lake turkana festival

The festival celebrates both sides of the lake, in the East and the West. Here the most famous village which celebrates the festival is Loiyangalani. The celebration is annual, and you can participate in the next year if you have missed it this time. You will notice that most of the time this will be held in May or the full moon day of May. Therefore remember to be alert.

What about the dress at the Lake Turkana Festival?

People all over the world come to visit and participate in this stunning festival. You can see that there are hundreds of people at the festival ground. The participants are wearing different kinds of dresses.

lake turkana dress

You will notice that most of the dresses are in red. The gents keep the upper area of their bodies open. But they usually paint some shapes such as trees, flowers, waves, etc. in there. Also, they wear gorgeous and really colorful pieces of jewelry. None of them made of gold or any other too expensive irons. Most of the people use plastics, pebbles, beads, corals and many other non-expensive things. They paint the jewelry also. Therefore you can see that most of the pebbles do not stay in their natural colors.

The men wear something silk, cotton, or linen to cover their down part of the body. They, too, are really colorful. Some people wear clothes to cover their bellies also.

The women cover most of the areas of their bodies. They, too, wear exquisite jewelry like men. Both of them wear necklaces, and the women’s necklace covers their shoulders also. You can notice that the necklace is made of adding some large rings. There will be about twenty to thirty of them on their neck.

Also, these people wear some beautiful codes to the hip and some colorful bangles to the hands. All of them cover the heads too. They can use the same stunning clothes, pebbles, or any other beautiful things for that purpose. Some men try to use feathers and make a crown for them.

What can tourists do?

lake turkana tourists

They also can wear the same kinds of dresses and join with the local people. There will be stalls near the lake to buy some of them. If not, anyone can participate in their suits. No one will complain or prohibit coming in. Naturally, most of the foreigners do not want to open to the air in such a hot country.

You may wonder what to do in there. Actually, it will be party time in your vacation. There will be music, dancing, group dancing, cultural shows, and many more. They all are full of the beauty of Kenya.

Not only are the parties but also there some other activities that you can do. Anyone can go fishing and search for the treasure in the lake. You can go boat rides and also do water sports. There is a museum to visit. It is the first desert museum in the country which has opened in the year two thousand eight.

The carnival

This city is full of people. There are eight cultures, such as El Molo, Samburu, Gabbra, Rendile, Watta, Dasannach, and Turkana. All of them live near the Jade Sea, and therefore their bodies have the same shapes and colors. This carnival will be held for three days, and you can enjoy as well as get to know how the locals behave.

There will be many companies who are happy to take you there. You can solve the food problems as well as the language problem if you are trying to deal with one of the companies. They will provide transport and also a hotel to stay for you. You can easily bring your children there and let them get specialized knowledge.

Some of them will arrange seven days trip to the area. But you do not have to be worried, because they will prepare everything and the activities for you. The carnival is not the only attraction in Kenya.

You can always search online and try to book a trip. Some companies will come to your airport and pick you up. Therefore try to find a company that gives lots of facilities. If so, you do not have to fall into trouble.

What you have to think of?

It is not very suitable to bring infants in there because though the place is funny, it is too hot. Maybe your baby won’t bear the sun.

It is better to keep your pet in the house. Nowadays, there are day-cares for pets. Some people allow some service animals to enter. But it would help if you thought of the safety of your pet. Most of the time, they can be lost because the place is too crowded, and the pets do not become familiar with the area.

You must not try to plan a holiday in Kenya if you feel sick. Fitness is a must. Otherwise, you will fall seriously ill.

Remember that you must have to check the weather before you go to visit this gorgeous place. Most of the time, the company will cancel the traveling because of the same reason. Please do not get confused about it. A non-familiar person cannot bear the bad weather. If so, the company will arrange another date or will give your money back.


lake turkana culture festival

The Lake Turkana Festival is fantastic and gives you a really memorable experience. Therefore do not try to be bothered about the sun rays and the hot weather. Try Turkana once in your lifetime and feel the difference!