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As Chenevix-Trench, a colonial District Officer (DO) wrote memorably in his book, The Men who Ruled Kenya, “the North is another Place.” Travelling up to the northern parts of Kenya is akin to travelling through an “Open Museum”. It is a kind of a place that epitomises the notion of a “Museum without Frontiers.” One cuts through a myriad of rich pastoralist culture and experiences a mosaic of modernity and customary lives which seem permanently entangled in a movement in either direction.

The Journey from Nairobi through Isiolo, then to Marsabit and Loiyangalani, offers glimpses of the cultures of the pastoralist Borana, Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, Somali, Gabra and the fisher-community of the El-Molo. The breath-taking landscape of grasslands, semi-desert scrub-land, hills and mountains dotted by herds-people tending to their precious cattle, goats, sheep and camels – a practice they have upheld religiously for thousands of years – adds to the spectacle of travelling to this “under-discovered” corner of Kenya.

Those using this option are advised to leave nairobi 3 days before the festival in order to get to Loiyangalani on time.

Tour Operators

Please contact the following tour operators for travel and accomodation arrangements:

1)JamboTravelhouse Safaris (K) Ltd

Cell: 254 715575491 / 0770987304

 2) Gametrackers K LTD

Tel: +254 20 200 3059 / 020 200 1039
020 2222703 / 2212830
Cell: +254 (0)731 309 513

 3) Lalibela Travel

Cell: +254 (0)720 850 967


Accomodation in Loiyangalani



Nestled amongst the Doum Palms,Oasis Lodge presents a very special opportunity for a unique safari catering to the more adventurous clients who want to see the Kenya that few have seen.

Recently renovated, Oasis Lodge also hosts two lovely pools fed by natural hot springs. After one of the activities available, you may enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the shade of the doum palms, a cool drink at the famous bar, or just swim in the pool.


Mr. Lawrence Ntoye Lenayapa
Cell phone No. 0720 783 588
Email address:

Emmanuel Kaima Ngusa
Cell Phone No. 0718 405 693
Email address:

2) Malabo Resort
Malabo has a 2-bedroom house (VIP or family en suite),7 self contained rooms, 6 traditional bandas, ample parking and cold drinks.It also offers camping facilities with toilets and showers available at the camping site.

For the adventurous ones they also offer 4×4 Safari Landcruisers for hire.

Contact:+254 724 705 800,+254 721 386 193


A serene camp situated at the heart of Loiyangalani town Centre in the midst of doum palm trees, palm Shade has a total of 11 Bandas which can accommodate a Maximum of 22pax sharing. They have a common bathroom and toilet.

Mr Benedict Orbora-+254726714768

The cottages are managed by the Catholic Mission and they have 4 rooms Lodge and 4 Bandas which can accommodate a Maximum of 16pax sharing. All the rooms have a common bathroom and toilet.

Contact:+254 721 669 944


Tilamari has Seven (7) double, self-contained fairly large and spacious bandas and  each banda has a raised cement platform for a 6ft X 6ft bed.

Other facilities:

  • Large dining hall cum bar, with store and kitchen at one end.
  • Parking space available within the compound for about six vehicles
  • Reception on one side of the dining hall.
  • Relaxation space.
  • Main entrance from the main road, with a flag stone pavement.
  • Flagstone pavements between buildings.
  • Fenced compound.Solar and wind generation power.
  • Security: Day and night watchmen.

Contact Person:

1. Mr. Robert Obrein

Cell phone No. 0722 519 259

Contact person & Proprietor:

  1. Mrs. Caroline Obrein

Cell phone No. 0722 653 615

El Molo Lodge

  1. Ample parking space available within the compound for up to 90 vehicles.
  2. Power by generator.
  3. Catering services available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be prepared on order.
  4. Small dining hall cum kitchen.
  5. Swimming pool with beds to lie down on.
  6. Big hall, can be used for temporary accommodation.
  7. Meals can be prepared on order.
  8. Fenced compound with a metal gate.
  9. Day and night security.
  10. Car hire services available, e.g. for picking visitors from air strip, or just to be driven around.
  11. Bus for hire available. Can carry 30 (Thirty) passengers.
  12. Located on higher ground, with view of lake in the distance, in places blocked by doum palms.
  13. Space for pitching tents available, 100 tents. Currently, for tents, there are two temporary pit latrines and two temporary showers



1) Sirikya Lodge
It has 3 bandas with a single bed each

It has a total of 6 cottages which can accommodate a maximum 12pax sharing and it has a shared bathroom and toilet.

3) Sirikya Lodge
Sirikya lodge has 3 bandas with a single bed each and eight rooms with twin beds each.
med Omar +254 729 505 241



They are very basic bandas with shared bathroom and toilet.

2) Merisa Women’s Group
It has one banda with a single bed and 3 others woth twin beds each

Contact: Mrs Esterina Lenakiyama +254729 534 179

3) Mpasso Lodge
Mpaso lodge has 10 rooms with a single bed each.

Road Travel Options:


There are a number of Hotels,Lodges and resorts along the route to Loiyngalani:

Marsabit Town

1) Marsabit Lodge

Located 3 kilometers from Marsabit town, Marsabit Lodge is one of Kenya ’s older game lodges,dating back to 1974.

It is a simple tourist lodge on the lush shores of a forest-fringed crater lake in the remote Marsabit National Park.
Outstanding views and the exquisite peace and beauty of its location, with wildlife converging at the lake and eagles swooping through the trees makes it one of the ideal stopovers on your way to Loiyangalani.

It has a capacity of 24 rooms.

Contacts:+254 202 69 52 60,+254 715 290 923


2) Nomads Hotel

Located roughly 2 Kms from the airstrip and right in the middle of Marsabit town,Nomads hotel has self contained rooms,delicious food,very good conference facilities and free wi-fi.


3) Jirime Hotel and Resort
It is ideally situated close to the Marsabit airstrip and a few kilometers from Marsabit town, in a quiet and serene environment.

This charming getaway is the ideal place to escape and relax in after exploring the imense opportunities offered by Marsabit county.The serene environment, elegant accomodation and picturesque landscape makes it one of a kind.


Contacts:+254 770 83 40 50

Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival